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2023-2024 MD-DE-DC

Membership Campaign $$$ $$$ $$$

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To order the MD-DE-DC Association Polo Shirt, contact [email protected].

A close up of the logo for the moose association
A pink polo shirt with the words " md de rio padre association ".

Life Membership Pro-Rated Options

Effective August 1, 2019, the pricing of Life Memberships has changed. The option to purchase a Life Membership at a reduced rate is now available, based on your years of service. Below is a chart indicating the current pricing for a Life Membership. Payments should be mailed via our Lockbox.

0-14 600 1200 500
15-19 400 960 400
20-24 350 840 350
25-29 300 720 300
30-34 250 600 250
35-39 200 480 BUYOUT
40-44 150 360

Additional information is available on Moose International website,, under Member Information/Campaigns/Membership Information/Life Membership. If you have any questions or if you have members inquiring about the costs for this pro-rated option, please contact Member Services at (630) 906-3658 for assistance.