Association Meetings To Follow Regular Format

10 am Board of Officers, 11 am Committee Chairpersons, 1 pm General Meeting

June 15, 2024 Association Meeting @ Bel Air Lodge.
July 24 - 27, 2024 Moose International Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA
August 17. 2024 Association Annual Picnic
After meetings.
September 28, 2024 Association meeting @ Seaford lodge.
TBD - End of October, 2024 Association Annual Convention
Official Visitor will be Kevin Duck
Nov 1 - 3 2024 International Moose Legion Conference will be held in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.
SEC, MLEC, and other events starting on October 30th including Cornhole Tourney and Costume Party (more info after NOLA convention).
Ritual Competition 11/1 and 11/2.
2025 Moose International Convention in Milwaukee
2026 Moose International Convention in Oklahoma City

All Dates, Locations, and Times Are Subject to Change