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Tommy Moose gets a new look!

Tommy Moose Color Flyer Available Here in Adobe PDF
By SHAWN BAILE, Director/Fraternal Programs

Tommy has gotten quite a makeover! With his updated appearance, we hope he’ll be even more welcome in police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances than ever.

In February 2007, the Supreme Council began to seriously consider redesigning Tommy Moose. The opportunity existed to take a very successful community service program to the next level, to continue the initial concept of providing a plush Moose in emergency vehicles while expanding Tommy’s recognition into additional areas to create a more identifiable image.

Doing so enables the Moose the chance to trademark the Tommy Moose character to restrict the use of the likeness only to programs approved by the order.

A new design created by Chris Ecker of Moose International Communications & Public Affairs was submitted to a vendor, and a prototype was composed. The design was approved, and production of the “new and improved” Tommy Moose has begun!

A stuffed moose wearing a red shirt and blue pants.

While it was extremely important to continue the success that Tommy Moose has spread throughout the fraternity, it was equally important to ensure that the new design was flexible enough to be utilized in other arenas. Fraternal units will continue to be encouraged to purchase plush Tommy Moose through Catalog Sales and present the items to emergency services personnel in their respective communities. Units that have made an initial presentation should stay in contact with these personnel and replenish their stock when necessary.

The newly designed Tommy Moose will be available beginning in January 2008 and will be used to fill all orders placed from this point forward. The price remains at $75/dozen; the catalog item number is 130. To order, call (630) 966-2250, fax (630) 859-3505, or email order details to [email protected].


Provided in Cooperation With Moose International and Safe Surfin, Now Available for MD De DC Moose Lodges

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