Council Of Higher Degrees

Black-Eyed Susan

Officers 2022-2023

Meeting for Officers start 11am, General Meeting 12 noon or after Officers Meeting.

Sec./Treasurer Mary Carolyn Bell 240-459-9934
President Mary Ann Vann 301-748-5051 [email protected]
Jr. Past Pres. Debbie Herbert 301-648-0626
Vice President Barbara Sue Cornell 301-317-6978
Chaplain Mary Lou Boris
Sgt. at Arms Bob Lawson 301-661-9063 [email protected]

Meetings & Events:

April 15th College Park 

July 22nd Westminster (nomination)

Oct 14th Mechanicsville (Banquet)

Elections AND ALSO the raffle.

Check with any lodge in districts 1, 2 and 5 for your Money Raffle tickets.