11/19/2022 Brian "Bill" Weaver M.I. Moose Legion Councilman

10/29/2022 Association OC Convention

9/18/2022 Association Officer Meeting at Bel Air Lodge

2022 Association OC Conference


2021 Association OC Convention

2021-09-19 Terry Bowden Pilgrim Presentation Milford Lodge 2316

2021-09-18 Emmett Bisnett Pilgrim Presentation Wheaton Lodge 1775

2021-09-11 Russ Robinson Pilgrim Presentation Russ Robinson Williamsport Lodge 2462

2021-08 25to28 Paul Curtis Chairman of the Board of Directors for Moose International.

2021-06-12 Waldorf Lodge #1709 Grand Re-Opening from Fire Damage/Covid19

2021-05-01 Moose Legion All-State Westminster Lodge


2020-07 Supreme Governor Bruce "King" Burger visit

2020-03-05 Association Conference


2019-10-24 Association OC Convention

2019-08-07 Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond at Waldorf Lodge

2019-08-09 Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond at Bel Air Lodge

2019-08-10 Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond at Camden Wyoming Lodge

2019-08-11 Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond at Harrington Lodge

2019 Mid-Year Conference


2018-10-28 Jean Gaverth Deputy Grand Regent

2018-10-18th-21 Association OC Conventions

2018-10-14 Pilgrim Mike Boris

2018-09-29 Pilgrim Dickie Baker

2018-09-23 Pilgrim Dean McDermott

2018-09-22 Pilgrim Jerry Hayman Sr.

2018-08-19 Supreme Governor Harry Johnston at Frederick

2018-08-17 Supreme Governor Harry Johnston at College Park

2018-08-15 Supreme Governor Harry Johnston at Bay Country

2018-08-04 Pilgrim Howard "Hutch" Hutchinson

2018-07-27 Black Eyed Susan Picnic @ Wheaton Lodge

2018 Moose International Convention New Orleans

2018-06-09 Association 1st Annual Picnic

2018-05-21 Moose Riders Celebrate 15th Annual Mooseheart Blessing Of the Bikes

2018-05-05 Moose Legion All State

2018-03-04 Mid Year Conference


2017-11-19 College of Regents Degree Silver Spring

2017-11-12 College of Regents Degree Annapolis

2017-11-04 College of Regents Degree Fredrick

2017 Convention OC

2017 C.H.D. Banquet

2017 Mid-Year Conference


2016 Homecoming

2016-08  Association Convention

2016-08-14 Pilgrim Robert L. Hall

2016 Moose International Convention St. Louis

2016-06-04 Pilgrims-Graduation

2016 Moose Legion Allstate

2016-02-04 Mid-Year Conference


2015-09-19 Mooseheart Homecoming

2015-08-27 Association Convention

2015-08-23 Chuck Neil Pilgrim

2015-08-22 Brian Weaver Pilgrim

2015 Supreme Governor Terry L. Walls Visit July 23-26, 2015

2015-07-18 Calvin Pettit Pilgrim Presentation

2015-07-11 Mike Stumbaugh Pilgrim Presentation

2015-07-03 International Convention Nashville

2015-05-28 Pilgrims & Graduation

2015-05-16 Danny Williams Bingo Fundraiser

2015-03-28_Moose_Legion _Celebration

2015-03-22 Williamsport Lodge 2462 Grand Opening New Hall

2015-03-21 Reisterstown Lodge 1577 Cash Bash

2015 Supreme Governor, Danny R. Albert Visit March 12-15, 2015

2015 Mid Year Conference OC


2014-12-06 Pat Cihak Reception

2014-10-26 Cathy Gardner Reception

2014-09-27 Mooseheart Homecoming

2014-08-24 James Cox

2014-08-23 Bill Highberger & Willie Sampson

2014-08-17 Jim Beyer Pilgrim Presentation



2014-04-25 Moose International Dart Tournament

2014-03-22 Joe Koons Supreme Governor Visit

2014-02-06  Mid Year Conference


2013-10-27 Dotti Weist DGR. Reception

2013 Mooseheart Homecoming

2013 JJ Johnston & Thomas Maddox Pilgrim Presentation

2013 Thomas Bowman Pilgrim Presentation

2013 Robert Mathis Pilgrim Presentation

2013 Harry Blendt III Pilgrim Presentation

2013 Barry Spicer Pilgrim Presentation

2013 New Pilgrim Photos at Mooseheart

2013 Convention Hunt Valley MD

2013-07-26 Mooseheart Child City & School 100 Year Centennial Celebration


2013-03-01 West Virginia Mid Year Conference Just a few shots taken with Erik Estrada.

2013-2-14 Mid Year Conference Ocean City MD


2012-12-16 Beatrice "Bea" Megee DGR Reception

2012 Supreme Governor James Henderson Visit

2012 Mick Brooks Pilgrim Presentation

2012 Mooseheart Homecoming

2012 Lawn Mower Race, Great American 250

2012 Dick Thompson Pilgrim Presentation

2012 Bill Males Pilgrim Presentation

2012 Harry McGray Pilgrim Presentation

2012 Frank Courtney Pilgrim Presentation

2012 Convention Hunt Valley

2012 Mooseheart Graduation & 2012 Pilgrims

2012-02-16 OC Mid-Year Conference


2011-11-XX_SG_Visit_Wesley Crowder


2011-10-01 Sue Cornell DGR reception


2011-09-10_Dennis_FitzGerald_Pilgrim Presentation

2011-08-25 78th. Annual Convention Hunt Valley

2011-08-21 Daniel Walther Pilgrim Presentation

2011-08-20 Arnold Allen Pilgrim Presentation

2011-05-26 PFC Party

2011-04-14 Jan Fregulia Meet & Greet, Annapolis Lodge

2011-02-17 Mid Year Convention OC



2010-12-18 Reception for Olivia "Libby" Schmidt Grand Regent

2010-11-21 Glen Burnie Lodge


Supreme Governor George W McCullough III. Visit to New Castle Moose Lodge #1578

2010-10-02 Association Day at Mooseheart

2010-09-18 Bullen Kenneth Pilgrim Presentation

2010-08-26 Association Convention Hunt Valley MD

2010-08-08 Bryan L. Shepherd Pilgrim Presentation

2010-08-07 Ronald Martin Pilgrim Presentation

2010-07-11 John Krass Pilgrim Presentation


Moose International Convention

Nashville Convention Meetings

Members Fun Photos


Moose Legion & Fellowship

4th of July Fireworks


2010-06-19 Annapolis Lodge #296 100 Year Birthday Party 

2010 Our Boys at the Maryland House

2010-05-1 Moose Legion Celebration

2010-03-27 PFC Dinner

2010-02 OC Mid Year Conference



2009-11-18 Loretta Lee Horstman DGR Reception

2009-10-11 Lawnmower Races Laurel Moose Lodge

2009-10-10 Pilgrim Presentation, Wayne Morgan, Sr.

2009-09-26 Pilgrim Presentation, Homer "Butch" Roush

2009-09-20 Liguori V. Saladin, SG. Visit Silver Spring Lodge #658

2009-09-19 Liguori V. Saladin, SG. Visit Mechanicsville Lodge #495

2009-09-18 Liguori V. Saladin, SG. Visit Williamsport Lodge #2462

2009-08-30 Pilgrim Presentation, Thomas Dean

2009 Pilgrim Presentation Wayne Ecker

Hagerstown Convention 2009

Iris Harris Collegian Presentation 9/13/2009

Thomas Dean Pilgrim Presentation 8/30/2009

Hagerstown Convention 2009

CHICAGO May 22-27 2009 Convention



2009 OC Conference with Tommy Moose


2008 Oct. 19th. James J. Gallagher SG. Frederick FC #371

2008 Oct. 20th. James J. Gallagher SG. Edgemere FC #537

2008 Oct. 20th. James J. Gallagher SG. New Castle FC #1578

2008 Billy Alderson Sr. & Tim McElwain Sr. Pilgrim Ceremony 

2008- 22nd. Moose International Bowling Tournament

2008-Odenton Lodge DELMARVA Lawnmower Race

2008-Odenton Lodge DELMARVA Lawnmower Race Trophies & Awards


2008 Dover Convention 75th Anniversary

2008 Valor Presentation Dover Convention (Unedited)

2008 Shining Star Awards

2008 Pilgrim Tom Rieg Jr.

2008 Pilgrim Bob Mitchell

Jake Stegeman-Andy Greenaway-Pedro Gonzalez 2008 Mooseheart Graduates

2008 Las Vegas Convention

2008-06-07 Russ & Val Wedding

2008 Ride Across America

2008-05-04 Baysox  Moose Day at the Baysox

14th. 2008 Moose International Dart Tournament

2008-PFC & Members photos. 

2008-OC Conference

2008-02-08 Dave's Donuts


2007-12-17 Supreme Governor Eugene C. Huggins visit to our MD DE DC Moose Association

2007-Reno NV 11/6/2007 Ensuring Tomorrow

2007-Aug. 74th. Convention

2007 Pilgrim Dave Greenaway

2007 Pilgrim Ralph Shockley

2007 Pilgrim John Cihak

2007 DGR. Barbara Johnston

Danny Danny Williams  









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