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Danny Williams
Moose Legion Area Manager


Jan. 16, 2022  11am - 2pm.

Waldorf Moose Lodge Moose Legion Sunday Brunch

Printable Flyer

Sausage & Egg Casserole - Sausage, Gravy & Biscuits Toast Quiche Bacon Home Fries French Toast - Ham Turkey Steamed Ship Round Steamed Shrimp Rolls Broccoli Salad Macaroni Salad - Orange Juice Tomato Juice Apple Juice - Ice Tea - Mimosas Bloody Mary.

Moose Legion Members = $15.00   Guest = $20.00

Menu may change based on availability
4765 Crain highway
White Plains, MD 20695


March 26, 2022

Blue Hen Moose Legion #186
Fundraiser for MD/DE/DC Home
Info Flyer Details

Location: Camden Wyoming Moose Lodge #203.  760 Moose Lodge Road. Camden Wyoming, DE 19934
Cost: Advance Tickets $12.00 by March 19, 2022
At Door $15.00
(Honoring all tickets purchased for Mar. 28, 2020 event.)
Time: Cash Bar 5:00 pm Dinner 6:00 pm
Music Provided by DJ Matt
Silent & Live Auction Cake Wheel
Pull Tabs 50/50
Make sure you get your raffle ticket for $20.00; only 100 tickets will be sold winner $200.00 each. 5 chances to win; winning ticket goes back in for each drawing.


ML Ambassador

Robert L. Hall Sr. 301-672-7277 goldstarlimo44@gmail.com


Capital Moose Legion #155, Chesapeake Bay Moose Legion #183 and Western MD Moose Legion #218

ML Ambassador

Brian Weaver 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com


Baltimore Moose Legion #10, A Lee Poole Moose Legion #111 and Blue Hen Moose Legion #186

ML Officers Training Record as of 3-16-2020

Moose Legion Enrollment Ceremony on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7CH6BN-dsU&t=66s



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