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Danny Williams
Moose Legion Area Manager


Upcoming Dates

May/ 6-7 /2023

Moose Legion All-State Hosted by Capitol Moose Legion #155.  Location Annapolis Lodge #296.

Saturday May 6th Noon All-State ALL-STATE Agenda

Sunday May 7th Moose Legion MLEC training class at 9am.  MLEC Training Registration Form Deadline April 30, 2023   MLEC Flyer Info

11/ 7-10 /2024 International Moose Legion Conference held in Pennsylvania

ML Ambassador



Capital Moose Legion #155, Chesapeake Bay Moose Legion #183 and Western MD Moose Legion #218

ML Ambassador

Brian Weaver 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com


Baltimore Moose Legion #10, A Lee Poole Moose Legion #111 and Blue Hen Moose Legion #186

Moose Legion Enrollment Ceremony on YouTube



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Last update 04/14/2023