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Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.

Im looking for some folks who can provide phone support to answer phones and take pledges on the MDA Telethon for the Baltimore Area on September 1, 2008. Id like to get 20 volunteers per time slot to man 15 phones. (thats 15 on and 5 relief folks)


Bryan Shepherd foreground Essex Administrator, Mike Casper Prelate Essex Lodge, John Krass Bel Air Lodge, Tom Bowman Bel Air Lodge

Ethel Cedrone Essex Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Chuck Neal Essex Junior Past Governor (Pepping everyone up to answer phones early Monday morning)

Tim McElwain and Dave Greenaway answering phones

(L to R) Essex Chapter Senior Regent Peggy Casper, Essex Prelate Mike Casper, Essex Jr Past Gov Chuck Neal, Essex Chapter Recorder Jean Neal answering phones

(L to R) Tom Bowman & John Krass of Bel Air Lodge, Peg and Mike Casper of Essex

Tim McElwan & Dave Greenaway happily answering phones

Tim McElwain, Nelly Manning, Patricia Scott, Pall Gullion, Rose Dalton & Shirley Miller (I know who Tim and Nelly are I cant match the names to the ladies with them sorry!) - Jean Neal.

Tim McElwain with his Gold blazer on this shift (He changed more times than Cher in Concert!!! He changed twice this shift!) Bless him he signed up for all three shifts!

Tim in his Association Blazer!

Pat from Aberdeen

Pat & Nelly from Aberdeen

Dave Taylor from Dundalk Lodge

Tim takes a pledge

Kay May takes a pledge

Sue Taylor takes a pledge

Michael Kraft

Tim enjoys a moment with a fellow volunteer

The final total for the Baltimore area $1,132,054, which was counted into the record breaking national total of over $65 million this year. This years pledges exceeded last years total by $1.2 million; pretty spectacular in itself considering the status of the economy!



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