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Calendar MD-DE-DC Moose Association

Association Meetings to follow regular format

9am  Board of Officers - 10am District Presidents - 11am  Committee Chairpersons

5/6/2023 Administrator School.  See Training Link

Moose Legion All-State

Hosted by Capitol Moose Legion #155.  Location Annapolis Lodge #296.

Saturday May 6th Noon All-State ALL-STATE Agenda



Moose Legion MLEC & SEC School

Sunday May 7th Moose Legion MLEC Training Class at 9am.  

MLEC Training Registration Form Deadline April 30, 2023

MLEC Flyer Info

5/20/2023 Association Meeting @ Harrington Lodge.  Officers 10am Members 12pm
5/21/2023 Lodge Leadership Training. See Training Link
6/10/2023 Administrator School.  See Training Link
7/15/2023 Association Meeting @ Annapolis Lodge.  Officers 10am Members 12pm
8/192023 Association Picnic.  Camden Wyoming
9/6/2023 Association Meeting @ Seaford Lodge.  Officers 10am Members 12pm

Association Convention October 26 thru 29, 2023 Ocean City

Nov. 7-10, 2024 International Moose Legion Conference will be held in Pennsylvania
2023 Moose International Convention in Reno
2024 Moose International Convention in New Orleans
2025 Moose International Convention in in Milwaukee
2026 Moose International Convention in in Oklahoma City


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization.  Activities and events referred to on this web site or other center links are available to members in good standing only. This web site is  for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is provided for the public at large but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership. This web site is an initiative of the Md-De-DC Moose Association, and is not sanctioned by the Loyal Order of Moose, Moose International, or any subsidiary thereof. All logos, trademarks and service mark pertaining to the Loyal Order of Moose and/or it's programs or degrees are Copyright Moose International, Inc., Mooseheart, Illinois.

Last Update: 04/14/2023