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Calendar MD-DE-DC Moose Association

All Association meetings to follow regular format

9 AM  Board of Officers

10 AM District Presidents

11 AM  Committee Chairpersons



MD-DE-DC Pilgrim Committee Meeting


It has been a long time coming with scheduling and covid restrictions, but I have been able to secure a date and location to have an association Pilgrim meeting. It has been scheduled for February 5th, 2022, beginning at 9:00 AM in the social quarters at Annapolis Family Center #296. We have several items that need to be discussed. There will be a low-ball tournament and other fundraisers. There will be no cost to attend, and lunch will be provided.  There will also be plenty of time for much needed fellowship with all. Dress will be casual.  After lunch we will go down the hall to attend and support (some of us will be participating in) the fun activities at the Fe”BRA”ry women’s Chapter Rally Day. The afternoon fun and activities are open to all Moose members so we will support our Chapters in making Fe”BRA”ry a big success stronger together. Ask a chapter member how you can enter the bra relay race or maybe you would rather participate in the BRA slingshot game, either way it will be a lot of fun for all in attendance.  There will be tickets available to purchase for a buffet dinner with entertainment, but we do not have the cost yet.

Our Past Supreme Governor Ron Sweetman is at home doing good but is not able to get out much. Calls, cards, and letters are much appreciated. Pearl is in a facility which can care for her, and she is doing as well as can be expected. Hopefully I will have an update on them both for you all there.  Please keep both Ron and Pearl in your prayers daily.

Please RSVP me by phone, text, letter, or email so we can have a solid plan for lunch. I look forward to seeing everybody there.

Fraternally yours,

Brian Weaver

MD-DE-DC Pilgrim Chairman

12984 Seashore Hwy

Georgetown, DE 19947




2/5/2022 Chapter Rally Day scheduled for Fe”BRA”ry 5, 2022 to be held at Annapolis Moose Lodge, 1890 Crownsville Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401

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Association Meeting @ Bay Country


Conference March 4 thru 6 2022 Ocean City Grand Hotel

Online Pre-Registration

Mail in Pre-Registration

Conference 2022 Agenda

3/26/2022 Blue Hen Moose Legion #186
Fundraiser for MD/DE/DC Home
  Info Flyer Details

Location: Camden Wyoming Moose Lodge #203
760 Moose Lodge Road
Camden Wyoming, DE 19934
Cost: Advance Tickets $12.00 by March 19, 2022
At Door $15.00
(Honoring all tickets purchased for Mar. 28, 2020 event.)
Time: Cash Bar – 5:00 pm Dinner – 6:00 pm
Music Provided by DJ Matt
Silent & Live Auction Cake Wheel
Pull Tabs 50/50
Make sure you get your raffle ticket for $20.00; only 100 tickets will be sold winner $200.00 each. 5 chances to win; winning ticket goes back in for each drawing.


Association Meeting @ Harrington

6/30/2022 International Moose Convention



Association Picnic TBA


Association Meeting @ Bel Air

1/10/2022 Communicator Deadline Date:
Don't wait to the last day and find out we already sent publications to the printer.

Convention October 28 thru 30 2022 Ocean City Grand Hotel


Conference March 3 thru 5 2023 Ocean City Grand Hotel


Convention October 27 thru 29 2023 Ocean City Grand Hotel


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