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Calendar MD-DE-DC Moose Association

Association Meetings to follow regular format

9 AM  Board of Officers - 10 AM District Presidents - 11 AM  Committee Chairpersons

6/4/2022 Lodge Leadership/House Committee Training.  Seaford Lodge #1728

Leadership Course Registration Form

Flyer Info


6/11/2022 MLEC School

Flyer Wheaton Lodge #1775 6/11/2022

Registration Wheaton Lodge #1775 6/11/2022


6-12-2022 Lodge Leadership/House Committee Training Newark Lodge #630 Leadership Course Registration Form Flyer Info
6-18-2022 Lodge Leadership/House Committee Training Patuxent Lodge #2393 Leadership Course Registration Form Flyer Info

Association Meeting @ Harrington

6/30/2022 International Moose Convention



Association Picnic TBA


Association Meeting @ Bel Air

1/10/2022 Communicator Deadline Date:
Don't wait to the last day and find out we already sent publications to the printer.

Convention October 28 thru 30 2022 Ocean City Grand Hotel


Conference March 3 thru 5 2023 Ocean City Grand Hotel


Convention October 27 thru 29 2023 Ocean City Grand Hotel


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Last Update: 05/23/2022