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District 6

Officers 2021-2022

President Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Vice President Vicki Scott 302-583-6797
Jr. Past President Brian Weaver 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com
Chaplain Janet Toulson 302-668-8687
Treasurer Rita Skinner 302-420-6755 rskinner@maintenance-tech.net
Secretary Billie Banning 302-559-2712 blizzard251@msn.com
Sergeant At Arms Jerry N. Hayman Sr. 302-423-2528 jerry.hayman@comcast.net
Asst. Sergeant At Arms Bessie Staab-Hickman 302-738-5932 besshick23@gmail.com
Inner Guard Katherine L. Custer 302-450-6621 kat.lcuster@gmail.com
Outer Guard - David Callis 443-466-9447


Membership/Retention Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Heart of the Community Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Moose Charities Jerry N. Hayman Sr. 302-423-2528 jerry.hayman@comcast.net
Endowment Patti Beach  302-981-2637
Moose Legion Brian Weaver 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com
Higher Degrees
Activities Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Activities Dave Callis 443-466-9447
Scholarship Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Valor - Patti Beach  302-981-2637
Youth Awareness Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com
Safe Surfin
Government Relations Bessie Staab-Hickman 302-738-5932 besshick23@gmail.com
Blood Bank Leo Custer 302-359-8900 lwcmoose69@yahoo.com

Officers 6:30pm & General Meeting 7:30 pm.





Last update 11/27/2022

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