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District 2
District 2 News Letter

Officers 2022-2023


Maureen Barker 240-285-4928   moemoose371@yahoo.com
Jr. Past President Dana Harrison 443-375-6432   dharrisonmoose@aol.com
Vice President Joan Pruitt 301-806-9532   unlimitedser@aol.com
Chaplin Toni Adams 301-471-1352    
Treasurer Tina Staggs 304-813-8759   testaggs@comcast.net
Secretary Tina Bryant 240-446-3047   Tina.bryant71162@gmail.com
Sgt. at Arms  Ed Shirley Jr. 301-842-2970   edwi504@aol.com
Asst. Sgt. at Arms  John Adams 301-606-4096    
Membership Maureen Barker 240-285-4928   MoeMoose371@gmail.com
Endowment Karen Cooper 301-514-1493   kmkcooper@aol.com
Heart of the Community Dana Harrison 443-375-6432   dharrisonmoose@aol.com
Blood Drive Joan Pruitt 301-806-9532   unlimitedser@aol.com
Scholarship Laurie Kreh 240-372-4229   MooseScholarship371@yahoo.com 
Sports/Activities Venus Kidwell 304-790-4721   Venuskidwell715@hotmail.com
Youth Awareness Laurie Kreh 240-372-4229   MooseScholarship371@yahoo.com
Fundraising Dana Harrison 443-375-6432   dharrisonmoose@aol.com
Conference/Convention Artie Pruitt 301-254-0997   Artiepruitt@aol.com
Audit Teresa Minnick 240-578-0217   Teresaminnick66@outlook.com

District 2 Meeting Schedule

June 10th,

Nominating Committee 10:45am, Board of Officers with Presidents and Administrators 11am, Membership 12 noon @ Cumberland Moose Lodge 271

August 6th, 

Nominating Committee 9:45am, Board of Officers with Presidents and Administrators 10am, Membership 11 am @ Frederick Moose Lodge 371


October 1st, 

Board of Officers with Presidents and Administrators 10am, Membership 11 am @ Williamsport Moose Lodge 2462 (Elections will be held during the meeting).







Last update 06/18/2023

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