Blue Hen Moose Legion #186
Loyal Order of Moose

HomeMoose LegionHigher Degree
President Chris Miles 302-2844183  
Jr. Past President Don Chambers 302-349-4118  
Secretary Mark Letterman 302-270-3778
Asst. Secretary Jim Hickman 302 645 8586  
Vice President Jerry Hayman 302-398-6472  
Chaplain Don Raynes    
Financial Director Leo Custer    
Fraternal Director Sam Tharp    
Asst. Sgt-at-Arms      

Meetings 2016-2017
All Directors meetings start at 1:00pm
All Membership meetings start at 2:00 pm

Board of Directors Meeting at 1:00pm
Membership Meeting to start fifteen minutes after Board of Directors
Meeting (No latter than 2:00pm)

May 4-6, 2018 Moose Legion Tri-State Fun Weekend and Celebration.  Itinerary for Western MD. Moose Legion 218 Celebration



Last update 01/20/2018