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Danny Williams
International Moose Legion President

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Dallas Hayman
Moose Legion Area Manager

Email: dhayman1939@comcast.net 
Cell: 302-242-4640
Home: 302-424-2120
Office: 302-398-8254
Fax: 302-398-0351

Ambassador Dan Walther 240-372-9128 301-831-9816 danswalther@comcast.net
Ambassador Ralf Shockley 410-749-5256 443-783-4341 shorepi@comcast.net

The All State Celebration will be held at Mechanicsville Lodge #495 April 22, 25, 24 2016


Friday April 22 Registration starting at 330 pm. The registration fee is $25 per person which will

    include Breakfast 8 to 10 am Saturday and Sunday.  Also Saturday for the Luau pig roast dinner.Smile

    The Lodge will be serving a dinner from 5 to 8 at your cost. There will be a DJ from 8 to 11 pm.


Saturday April 23 Registration, breakfast 8 to 10 am.  10 am a Moose Organizational meeting.

    12 noon a family fun day with hot dogs & hamburgers at minimal cost. 5 to 8 pm a Luau with

    Roasted pig dinner & a live band 8 to 11 pm.


Sunday April 24  Registration, breakfast 8 to 10 am.  10 a conferral for new applicants.  Please be early.

    Installation of the newly elected officers and any presentations will be made.


    Contact me for reservations at Red Roof Inn in Hollywood, MD for any one staying over night.


Lee M Huston


410 326 5414

443 771-3481


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