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Lodge Leadership/House Committee Training

Waldorf Moose Lodge #1709 8/25/2018  Flyer Info  Registration Form


2HOTT Training Course

Aug. 11-12, 2018 Frederick Lodge #828. Registration Form & Flyer Info

Sept. 8-9, 2018 Bay Country Lodge #831. Registration Form & Flyer Info

Patricia F Cihak
Technical Trainer
Grand Council Member
Women of the Moose


Women Of The Moose Training Session

PDF WOTM Training Flyer Info Rev. 4/24/18

Date, location, leader, contact #  Email

7/8/18 Annapolis Roz Bowman 301-253-4473

7/21/18 Smyrna Clayton  Libby Schmidt 302-422-7553

7/29/18 Bel Air Jean Neal 410-598-8427

7/29/18 Mechanicsville Barb Johnston 301-977-5981

8/4/18 Seaford Libby Schmidt 302-422-7553

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
registration: 8:00 am

Cost: $10.00 per person
chapter may charge small fee for lunch

Please be sure to contact your session leader at least one (1) week before the session if you are planning to attend.

We need to let the chapter know for preparation purposes.

If no response the class will be cancelled and you will need to travel to another one to get the training you need.

Patricia F Cihak
Technical Trainer
Grand Council Member
Women of the Moose


Administrator Training Course

Patricia F Cihak
Technical Trainer
Grand Council Member
Women of the Moose


Moose Legion MLEC & SEC School

As all of you have been information by Territory Manager Mike Stumbaugh, Ric Robbins stepped down from being the Moose Legion MLEC & SEC Instructor. If anyone is interested in becoming a trainer please contact me and we can get the process going.

To be an instructor you need to: 1. Be a Moose Legionnaire 2. Believe in the mission of the organization 3. Be willing to travel, you will be reimbursed mileage and if overnight stay is needed hotel expense. 4. As a trainer you agree to teach the course as designated so that all students receive consistent training and reap the benefits of group interaction.

I have attached a flyer that you can put on your bulletin board. Flyer Moose Legion Trainer Needed

Thanking you in advance for your consideration for this position.

Fraternally, Patricia F Cihak - PGCM Assoc. Training Coordinator 443-388-7878



Online - Lodge Leadership/House Committee Training

Online Training Info

 The Lodge Leadership/House Committee Online training is now available at  Alternatively, go to the Members Area at then go to “Moose Training” and select “Online Training”.  While this training is required for lodge officers, ANY Loyal Order of Moose or Women of the Moose member may take these modules.

 These online training materials provide an additional opportunity for lodge officers in need of completing the Lodge Leadership/House Committee training to do so within the 60-days after taking office requirement even when no sessions are scheduled locally.

 There are two modules - one covering our Order and Lodge functionality and the other reviewing essential House Committee functions and responsibilities - comprising the training as well as a required assessment test.  The assessment test may be taken without completing the training modules.  This will allow members with prior officer experience and/or knowledge of Moose rules and processes to receive Lodge Leadership/House Committee certification without the need to take an in-lodge training session or completing the online training modules.

 There is no cost to take the online course or the assessment test.  The test may be taken as often as needed to achieve certification, but each subsequent test will not be identical to the first test.

The training modules typically take about two hours each to complete, but actual durations will vary with each student.  Upon completing the two training modules, most students will be able to pass the assessment test with the necessary score of 80% or better.


IRS Video explaining the need for employers and employees to report tips received as income.


Beginning with the New Moose Year, May 1, 2008, all Officer, Appointed Officer and Chairman information must be entered by the FRU using the  website. The new "Officer Maintenance" function was added to the "Admin. Menu" May 1, 2008.

To access the "Admin. Menu", log on to  and enter your personal member ID# and password.

From the "My Memberships" screen, select "AdminMenu" in the upper right hand corner. Now, enter the "Fraternal Unit Passcode". If you do not have that Passcode, contact the Help Desk (630-906-3658) immediately to get your "Fraternal Unit Passcode" as soon as possible.

When you have entered the "Administration Home" screen, select "Officer Maintenance" to enter your Officer, Appointed Officer and Chairman information.




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