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Community Service

This is a must see video of-- moosehaven-talks-about-some-upcoming-events



Cradle 2018
Dear Dedicated Members,

What can we say?

This October you knocked the Cradle Fundraiser out of the park and raised over $125,000 for the Mooseheart and Moosehaven Endowment Fund!

Your hard work, dedication, and creativity truly paid off. Now, the Endowment Fund is $125,000 larger AND your lodges and chapters are closer to reaching their ALL GIVING goals for the year!

Way to go!

P.S. If you have any pictures from YOUR cradle fundraiser, please send them to request@moosecharities.org!


7th Annual Softball Tournament. Patuxent Moose Lodge vs. St Mary's County Sheriff's Office. Proceeds of this event were presented to (ACTS) A COMMUNITY THAT SHARES. A donation was presented by the Men & Woman of the Patuxent Moose Lodge in the amount of $1,236.00.

School Support Programs Resource Guide

Moose Charities and Amazon Smile

We all have brought something sometime or the other from Amazon. Com. Did you know you could help Moose Charities when you shop on Amazon? Next time you go to Amaznon.com sign up for AmazonSmile
Please support Moose Charities by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.

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AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

What an easy way to support our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Mooseheaven.
Thank you for what you do.


In March 2018 Annapolis Chapter 661 took on the Community Service project of collecting clean recyclable grocery bags and making them into sleeping mats for the homeless.  I first saw this back in November 2017 at the Frederick Lodge.  Kaitlin showed me a mat she had just finished.  As soon as I saw the mat I knew I wanted to work on this project.

My real work on this project started after I returned from the Mid-year conference in March 2018.  If I knew I would be sitting down talking or listening to music I would bring crochet materials with me and work on a mat.  Especially after we had our dinner on Friday nights at the Lodge. 

During the passing months Adam Bedard, who owns Entervid, would ask me a question here and there.  He approached me in the May timeframe about wanting to know my story and would I allow he to record it.  He told me he was a story teller and could see there was a story behind the mats.  Adam interviewed me for about 1 1/2 hours in late June and then placed the video on FaceBook and YouTube.   

One thing everyone should take away from this video.  This is a great Community Service project not just in the Annapolis or Frederick area but anywhere within our Association..  Not only are plastic grocery bags being repurposed we are helping our homeless community that sleep outside to be just a bit more comfortable as they get back up on their feet.  The link to the YouTube Meet Cherie  is:     https://youtu.be/BpNNd1cJet0

Because of the recycling factor with the sleeping mats, Brandi Francis, Director of Communications for AACO Department of Aging and Disabilities, was able to secure an interview for me on the show Week in Review on Arundel TV.  The link to that show is on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY0_ANKBObc    This link,12:09, takes you directly to the beginning of the interview. 12:09.

I have also been working with the Anne Arundel County Director of Senior Centers, Becky Betta, which falls under the Department of Aging and Disabilities.  Our Community Service project has reached further than I thought possible.  There are crochet groups within the Senior Centers that are always looking for a project to work on.  I will be going to some of the Centers to teach the Senior how to make the mats which in turn will be given to Annapolis Chapter 661 to donate to the Annapolis homeless through Justin Bieler, Homeless Coordinator of the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services.

That is about it so far.  If you have any questions, call me at 443 8710339






New - New - New

Fundraising Programs and Ideas


Youth Awareness Program

Moose Association Coordinators

Mr. Kenneth Hunt (301) 885 9043 khuntibewbowl@live.com

Mrs.Patricia Cihak Dundalk (301) 687-9234 pcihak92@verizon.net

Youth Awareness congresses have been scheduled. Remember, if you’re sponsoring kids for this, they need to go to a congress before they can participate in the program.
NOTE: All Congresses start with registration at 9AM and the session at 10am.

D2 & D3  Essex 11/04,
D5  Annapolis  11/05,
D1  Columbia  11/11,
D6  Elkton  11/12,
D7  Seaford  12/02
There will be another Congress at Duval HS, TBD, after they have had a chance to attend the other local Congresses.


Tommy Moose gets a new look!

Tommy Moose Color Flyer Available Here in Adobe PDF

By SHAWN BAILE, Director/Fraternal Programs

Tommy has gotten quite a makeover! With his updated appearance, we hope he’ll be even more welcome in police cars, fire trucks and ambulances than ever.

In February 2007, the Supreme Council began to seriously consider redesigning Tommy Moose. The opportunity existed to take a very successful community service program to the next level; to continue the initial concept of providing a plush Moose in emergency vehicles while expanding Tommy’s recognition into additional areas to create a more identifiable image.

Doing so enables the Moose the chance to trademark the Tommy Moose character to restrict use of the likeness only to programs approved by the Order.

A new design created by Chris Ecker of Moose International Communications & Public Affairs was submitted to a vendor and a prototype was composed. The design was approved, and production of the “new and improved” Tommy Moose has begun!

While it was extremely important to continue the success that Tommy Moose has spread throughout the fraternity, it was equally important to assure that the new design was flexible enough to be utilized in other arenas. Fraternal units will continue to be encouraged to purchase plush Tommy Moose through Catalog Sales and present the items to emergency services personnel in their respective communities. Units that have made an initial presentation should stay in contact with these personnel and replenish their stock when necessary.

The newly designed Tommy Moose will be available beginning in January 2008 and will be used to fill all orders placed from this point forward. The price remains at $75/dozen; the catalog item number is 130. To order, call 630-966-2250; fax 630-859-3505; or e-mail order details to catalogsales@mooseintl.org.




Flyer Information




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