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Calendar MD-DE-DC Moose Association

May 24, 2015 CANCELED Association  General Membership meting CANCELED
May 30, 2015 Save the date and join us on May 30th, 2015 for our Pilgrim Degree conferral and Mooseheart commencement ceremony! Click Link for Hotel Reservations and Info
May 30, 2015 This is to advise that I have scheduled a 2 HOTT Training Class at the Frederick Moose Family Center on June 13-14, 2015. Attached is a registration form that you can fill out, save it to your computer, and e-mail it to me at pcihak92@verizon.net  May 30, 2015 is the deadline for returning the registration forms.
Cost: $25.00/person (checks made payable to MD/DE/DC Moose Assoc) $10.00 Cash (to lunch for two days)  Registration Form  Flyer Info.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me. Regards, Patricia F Cihak, Grand Council Member, Moose Trainer. pcihak92@verizon.net 410-687-9234
June 6, 2015

Leadership and House Committee Training

Seaford Moose F/C. Class starts at 9am.  Cutoff date is May 15th 2015.  To register for class call Bryan Shepherd at 410-207-3391.  Bring check for $25.00 written to MD-DE-DC Moose Association.


June 13-14, 2015 2 HOTT Training Class at the Frederick Moose Family Center.
June 13, 2015 The BES Council will hold a meeting on June13, 2015 at Westminster Lodge.  BOD meeting at 11:00 am and general meeting at 12:00 pm.
June 27, 2015 Association  #2 Nomination Meting at Annapolis Lodge 10am.  Exc BOO meeting to follow.
June 28, 2015 No Association meting
June 30, 2015 District Valor applications due to be submitted to the Association
July 3-7, 2015 2015 Nashville Convention.  Goto www.mooseintl.org for more info.
July 25, 2015 Association  #3 Nomination Meting at Annapolis Lodge 10am. Exc BOO meeting to follow.
July 26, 2015 Association  General Membership meting at Reisterstown Lodge
Aug. 22, 2015 The BES Council will hold a meeting on Aug. 22nd at Marlboro Lodge starting at 11:00 am
Aug. 27-30, 2015 Association Convention Hunt Valley MD
Sept. 17-21, 2015

MD DE D.C. MOOSE ASSOCIATION Sponsors Sixth Annual Association Day “Homecoming” - At Mooseheart High School
5 Days – 4 Nights, September 17 – September 21, 2015
$ 390.00 per person (Dbl Occupancy) $ 550.00 per person (Single Occupancy) Flyer Registration Form
Oct., 17, 2015 The BES Council will hold a meeting on Oct. 17th at Williamsport Lodge starting at 11:00 am, this will be our banquet with silent auction.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization.  Activities and events referred to on this web site or other center links are available to members in good standing only. This web site is  for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is provided for the public at large but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership. This web site is an initiative of the Md-De-DC Moose Association, and is not sanctioned by the Loyal Order of Moose, Moose International, or any subsidiary thereof. All logos, trademarks and service mark pertaining to the Loyal Order of Moose and/or it's programs or degrees are Copyright © Moose International, Inc., Mooseheart, Illinois.

Image: Moose: The Family FraternityThe Loyal Order of Moose is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888, with nearly 1 million men in roughly 2,000 Lodges, in all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain and Bermuda.

Along with other units of Moose International, the Loyal Order of Moose supports the operation of Mooseheart Child City & School, a 1,000-acre community for children and teens in need, located 40 miles west of Chicago; and Moosehaven, a 63-acre retirement community for its members near Jacksonville, FL. Additionally, Moose Lodges conduct approximately $50 million worth of community service (counting monetary donations and volunteer hours worked) annually.  Additionally, the Loyal Order of Moose conducts numerous sports and recreational programs, in local Lodges and Family Centers, in the majority of 44 State and Provincial Associations, and on a fraternity-wide basis.


Last Update: 05/23/2015