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Calendar MD-DE-DC Moose Association

Dates & Locations subject to change. Check site often for updates.

2019 Lodge Reporting, Remittance and Submission Deadlines

1/26/2020 Association Meeting Camden Wyoming Lodge
3/ 5-8 /2020 Association Conference @ Princess Royale Ocean City MD
3/6/2020 Golden Mic Karaoke Contest $875 in Prizes.

Printable Flyer Info   Rules and Regulations  Judging Sheet

5/2/2020 Moose Legion Allstate  Location TBA
5/31/2020 Association Meeting TBA
8/22/2020 Association Picnic Annapolis Lodge
9/27/2020 Association Meeting Bel Air Lodge
10/ 21-25 /2020 Association Convention @ Princess Royale Ocean City MD


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Last Update: 12/10/2019