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District 6

Officers 2020-2021


Brian Weaver C 302-462-8470 H 302-337-3421 bweaver3316@hotmail.com
Jr. Past President Ronald Sweetman PSG C 302-757-2976 H 302-731-8145 ron15781@verizon.net
Vice President  Leo Custer C 302-359-8900   delmarvamobileicecream@gmail.com
Prelate Joey Beach C 302-757-9545   robojo678@gmail.com  
Treasurer Michael Slotwinski C 302-377-5268 H 302-792-0269 Lodge847@mooseunits.org
Secretary Joe Beach C 302-981-1661   beachj@cdeval.com
Sgt. at Arms  Jerry Hayman 302-423-2528   jerry.hayman@comcast.net

Officers 6:30pm & General Meeting 7:30 pm.

December 1, 2020 New Castle Lodge (Meeting location Claymont #847)
February 2, 2021 Elkton Lodge #851
April 6, 2021 Newark Lodge #630
June 1, 2021 Claymont Lodge #847 (Nominations Open)
August 3, 2021 New Castle Lodge (Meeting location Newark #630, Nomination Meeting)
September 7, 2021 Elkton Lodge #851 (Nominations Closed, Elections, Installation)

Nomination Meetings @ 6:15 PM
Officers Meeting @ 6:30 PM
Dinner following Officers meeting 7:00 PM
General Membership following Dinner 7:30 PM



Membership Leo Custer   C302-359-8900 delmarvamobileicecream@gmail.com
Retention  Leo Custer   C302-359-8900 delmarvamobileicecream@gmail.com
Community Ser.        
Youth Awarness Ron Sweetman 302-731-8145 C302-757-2976 ron15781@verizon.net
Endowment Joey Beach 302-757-9545   robojo678@gmail.com
Scholarship Brian Weaver   C 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com
Safe Surfin        
Sports Lee Anderson 302-764-9765 C302-562-2672 Ritalee3@aol.com
Gov.Relations Ron Sweetman 302-731-8145 C302-757-2976 ron15781@verizon.net
Moose Legion Brian Weaver   C 302-462-8470 bweaver3316@hotmail.com
Higher Degree Leo Custer   C302-359-8900 delmarvamobileicecream@gmail.com
Moose Charities Jerry Hayman 302-423-2528    




Last update 04/19/2021

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