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The Fabulous 5th. District

Officers 2018-2019

President Michael Shawver 301-362-7503   mpsme@hotmail.com
Jr. Past President Tim Gaverth 301-648-1266   gaverth.Loom1504@gmail.com
Vice President           
Prelate Herb Raymond      
Treasurer Jay Stover 443-534-1910   jvstover1808@yahoo.com
Secretary Chuck Adams 410-320-4669   cca2966@aol.com
Sgrt At Arms Bob Lawson 301-661-9062   wvrs26@verizon.net


Fifth District Meeting Dates
Officers Meeting 10:30am. -- General Membership Meeting 11:30am+-


Dec. 9, 2018 Meeting Laurel Lodge.  Nominations at 10AM; Officers at 10:30AM; and General Membership at approximately 11:30AM.


Committee Chairman:

Membership / Retention Chip Yaniga    
Community Service Jean Gaverth    
Activities/Comm. Service      
Higher Degrees: Tim Gaverth    
Moose Charities Jean Gaverth    
Moose Legion Gary Mann    
Endowment Bob Lawson 301-661-9062 wvrs26@verizon.net
Moose OTY      
Moose Legionnaire OTY      
Rookie OTY      
Valor Debbie Herbert    
Government Relations      
Safe Surfin' USA      
Special Olympics      
Youth Awareness      

Last update 11/20/2018

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